Take A Closer Look At The GT1 Racing Icons Of The 1990s

Porsche’s 1998 Le Mans-winning 911 GT1 is in on the fun.

byBradley Brownell|
Porsche News photo

Only 90s Kids Will Remember. That's the phrase that gets all the traffic, right? Well, if you were a 90s motorsport fan, you'll remember the GT1 era of international sports car racing that dominated the world. From the earliest F40s that were basically repurposed road cars to the factory-built specials from Porsche and Mercedes that stretched the definition of a road-going car, the GT1 era was a fantastic story. This is an excellent look at the cars that made the racing so good, filmed at the most recent Goodwood Members Meeting. Thanks to the guys at DriveTribe, you can relive the experience with soundbites from Dario Franchitti, Ted Gushue, James Littlejohn, Andrew Pisker, Richard Meaden, David Clark, Mark Sumpter, Nick Mason, Peter Kyle-Henney, Andy Priaulx, and Chris Wilson. 

The video is given that wonderful vintage film kind of aesthetic, with the tracking static look that we remember from our days of recording Le Mans on cassette tapes. With all of the drivers in this little GT1 spectacle accounted for, there are short segments on most of the cars in the display, five of which are Porsche entrants, including the 1998 Le Mans-winning Mobil 1 livery GT1 that has danced in our deepest dreams for nearly two decades. Each of these cars has a great story behind it, but none of them can hold a candle to that car in our eyes.

Which of these machines is your favorite, and why? Weigh in with your response in the comments below.