Insanely Loud GT3 Cup Hillclimb Car Goes 10/10ths In Italy

Straight Pipes Save Lives

byBradley Brownell| PUBLISHED Feb 13, 2017 12:23 PM
Insanely Loud GT3 Cup Hillclimb Car Goes 10/10ths In Italy

It's a good day when you can start it by listening to the crisp and sharp tones of a high-strung naturally aspirated flat-six bouncing and echoing off the Italian countryside hills. Luckily, thanks to one of our favorite YouTube channels, 19Bozzy92, you can do just that. This 997.1 GT3 Cup hill climb special seems to be absolutely unfettered by sound restrictions, converting fuel, air, and spark into pure noise. We are but simple men, when we see and hear a beautiful Porsche such as this one, it puts a smile on our collective faces. Today will be a good day, thanks to this video and a nice hot cup of coffee. 

The livery on this car is a bit on the busy side, but all can be forgiven when a car launches like this one does. With proper racing aero and a well-versed driver at the wheel, this car hauls ass up the hill. There are quite a few very sharp corners and switchbacks to negotiate, but this does seem to do well negotiating them. The video captured here often shows nothing on the hill in view, but you can hear the echoes of the car as it approaches and again as it leaves. It's a warning sign to get the heck out of its way because this Porsche is coming through regardless. 

The video is only four minutes, but it'll leave you in a better mood for the rest of the day, we guarantee that. How could anyone be upset after watching this video? Crank it up, kick back, and enjoy.