Cayman GT4 Exhaust Note Pumped Up By Fabspeed

Now the sound matches the driving experience!

byBradley Brownell| PUBLISHED Dec 24, 2016 1:09 AM
Cayman GT4 Exhaust Note Pumped Up By Fabspeed

There are few modifications to your car that you will notice as much as a sporting exhaust note. The pitch and tone of your car's concerto make a huge difference in your driving experience. I already really enjoyed driving Porsche's GT4, but it certainly could do with a bit more noise emanating from the tips. This owner decided to do just that, by bolting on a set of Fabspeed mufflers with carbon fiber accented exhaust tips. This particular kit appears to be their "Valvetronic" setup, which features a changeable tone for street and track driving, similar to Porsche's "Sport Exhaust" option. At thirty-three hundred dollars, it's a bit pricey, but then again, a GT4 generally sold for just a smidge over six figures with options, so it's probably just a drop in the bucket to this guy. It sure sounds good, so maybe it's worth it!

The video, unlike most exhuast films, features the car at idle, with a few rev blips, driving away at lower speeds, and then in on-track flybys. It makes a great change from the traditional 'cold-start, rev a couple times, shut down' method that is traditionally used. If you've got a GT4, maybe check out this video to help you determine if a Fabspeed piece is right for your needs.