This 911R Owner Makes A Compelling Case For Driving It

Immediately after taking delivery of his new 911R, this guy took his on a 600 mile road trip!

byBradley Brownell| PUBLISHED Dec 12, 2016 1:15 AM
This 911R Owner Makes A Compelling Case For Driving It

Porsche's 911R is, by all measures, the sports car that true enthusiasts wanted. This is effectively a GT3 RS without the wild aero and the widebody, and with a 6-speed manual transmission. Unfortunately, because they are limited production cars, most 911R owners are storing them away with next to no miles on the odometer, never to be truly enjoyed. It's always been an axiom among Porsche owners that these cars were meant to be driven, so when we see low mile cars like that, many of us will cringe and think of what fun the car might have been in someone elses hands. For all his ostentatiousness, Salomondrin makes an excellent case for his 911R ownership. Within minutes of having picked up his car from McKenna Porsche in LA, he took the car for a several-hundred-mile bomb through the desert to Las Vegas. Someone give this guy a medal, he deserves it!

The car in question, a white car with red stripes, was apparently previously owned by Porsche Cars North America as a demonstration or test car. The car's build sheet even says that the car is not for sale. It would seem that with a few connections, he was able to finagle a deal for the car. Because of this, it is likely that the car already featured a few miles on the odometer, and depending on who was behind the wheel, they may have been some pretty hard miles. In any case, this is a great story that makes for an entertaining video. We should probably mention that the video is a little bit Not Safe For Work because of some adult language, and it's a little on the long side at nearly 19 minutes, but it sure is entertaining to see these guys enjoying the car, rather than talking about it as a static art piece in their collection. Oh, and if your car has red stripes, you ALWAYS bet on red.