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Check Out This Record Setting Gathering Of Dutch Rijkspolitie Porsche Pursuit Cars

Have you ever seen a 918 Spyder police car?

Porsche of the Gelderland recently set a Guinness World Record by bringing forty examples of the Dutch police’s Porsche models. Starting in the mid-1960s, the Rijkspolitie have been driving Porsche models, from 356 to 912 to 924 to 911. Today, the service even includes a gloriously fast 918 Spyder. Good luck outrunning the highway patrol in the Netherlands if you’ve got one of these bad boys tailing you. Each of these cars is outfitted in a orange and white state livery, and kitted up with extra loud horns and sirens, auxiliary driving lights, and a complete kit of all of the things you’d need to be a police officer over there.  

In addition to the gathering of the Rijkspolitie cars, there was a nice long street-parade for the cars, which had apparently gathered at the local dealership this weekend. From the cars gathered, it is easy to tell that the Dutch require their cars to be open-top speed demons. From the very beginning the cars commissioned were cabriolets, later they were 911 and 914 Targa models. In the video below, you can see one example, the 924, was never sold as a cabriolet or Targa model, so they customized a T-tops setup for it; so fascinating. 

While the video below is obviously not in English, it is still exciting to see all of these rare police car Porsche models gathered in one place. If you’ve got to be a police officer, the Netherlands might be an interesting place to have the job, as you might get to drive a Porsche every day.