This Boeing 727 Hanging in the Costa Rica Jungle Is a Wild Luxury Treehouse

If you aren’t afraid of heights, you’re going to want to see this view.

byNico DeMattia|
Culture photo


I'm terrified of flying, so when I go on vacation, the last thing I want to do is get back on the plane. However, if you're an aviation enthusiast, or you just want one of the best views Costa Rica has to offer, you can currently rent a treehouse in the Costa Rican jungle made from a vintage, defunct Boeing 727.

Architect Allan Templeton created this Boeing 727 treehouse after seeing something similar in a magazine. As it turned out, the magazine treehouse was bogus and was made in photoshop. So Templeton decided to be the first to really make it happen and found a vintage 727 fuselage that was being used for fire drills. The inside was toast but the actual aluminum fuselage itself was still in good shape. So he bought it, had it disassembled, and shipped it to the Costa Rican jungle. Then, with a massive crane, had it lifted into the treetops, and set atop a few pedestals.

To keep the old tires from deflating, they were filled with concrete. The front landing gear is suspended in the air, though, a pedestal under the front end of the plane keeps it upright. A staircase wraps around the front pedestal, which leads to a deck and the plane's side door entrance. There's another deck on the other wing, which gives guests an absolutely incredible view of the ocean, and a massive canopy covers both decks. I'm not sure you're going to get a better view than that.

It isn't just a defunct 727 inside, though. The entire fuselage is lined with handcrafted teak, there are countless windows, two air-conditioned bedrooms (one of which has two queen-sized beds), and a luxurious bathroom that's actually inside the cockpit. In the bathroom, the shower has a massive vertical window that overlooks the jungle and you have access to both pilot seats.

This Boeing 727 Costa Rican treehouse is currently listed on Airbnb for $550 per night. Even if staying in a suspended aircraft isn't exactly your idea of a vacation, it's hard to argue with just how cool this is. The engineering and architecture to make this 727 treehouse a reality is immensely impressive and views don't really get better. I'm in no rush to sleep in an airplane if I don't have to but for anyone that isn't afraid for heights, this is one of the most interesting vacation spots you can find.

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