We Found the Worst Hummer H2 Ever, and That’s Saying Something

The body kit is custom, so fortunately no one else can recreate this monstrosity unless they really want to.

Sometimes people’s love for their vehicles goes too far. I’m not talking about folks who never drive their cars or obsessively clean them, I’m talking about modifications. The stick-on chrome from AutoZone is the gateway drug and from there, people get way into it. This 2009 Hummer H2 for sale in the United Kingdom is a prime example.

It is just shockingly hideous. It’s almost hard to believe it’s based on a production car, but indeed it is. The Hummer, powered by a 6.0-liter V8, was allegedly imported to the U.K. in this fashion. The most obvious changes to the vehicle are on the front fascia, where a lot of lights have been added, hopefully with the intention of blinding any onlookers. The rest of the car has received a similar treatment as well. Just a whole lot of… more.

Besides the extra lights, a positively massive body kit has been added, which the listing claims is custom-made. Likewise, the decals on the lower doors seem like a one-off. I mean that literally. It appears as if the car’s builder ordered two sets of the same “HUMMER H2” decal for both sides of the vehicle, without realizing one side has to be mirrored. The result is plain to see.

Mercifully there are no pictures of the interior, although we are assured that the car has a very expensive Bose sound system. I can’t wait to hear it.

Speaking of “expensive,” the seller wants, as of writing, $43,415 for this thing. Yes, that’s right, $43,000.

I do not pity whoever purchases this.

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