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Watch Red Bull’s Sergio Perez Hoon Across Las Vegas in a Tire-Shredding F1 Car

It's all fun and games until an F1 car winds up on the roof of a casino.
Sergio Perez sets off in his F1 car in a Las Vegas casino.
Oracle Red Bull Racing via YouTube

When it comes to hyping up a new Formula 1 Grand Prix, Red Bull Racing ought to be celebrated for its valiant efforts. Its latest video sees Sergio Perez hooning through Las Vegas ahead of the inaugural race later this year.

The video kicks off with some banter between Perez and team principal Christian Horner. Checo’s car is on the roof of Caesar’s Palace, but nobody knows how it got there. With plenty of gambling jokes and some roulette action, it’s all hammy enough that you might suspect Red Bull has a new pork flavor dropping this winter, but that’s par for the course with these promos. We’re then treated to the first of several flashbacks, as Perez’s F1 car blasts across the casino floor in shots that look a little more CGI than reality. Nevertheless, the driver’s antics help Vegas stalwart Wayne Newton to succeed on the craps table.

Bryce Menzies then joins the proceedings with his trophy truck taking on Perez in a dirt race amongst high-tension electricity pylons. The low-slung F1 car does surprisingly well on the dusty surface, and we’re treated to some beautiful tandem drifts. The highlight is Menzies flying a tidy jump right over Checo’s head.

A drag race then ensues between Perez and the famous fountain at the Bellagio Hotel. All is well until magician Matt Franco vanishes the F1 car mid-donut, only for it to end up on the rooftop of Caesar’s Palace.

There are plenty of fun cameos throughout, too, befitting the pageantry of Las Vegas itself. Highlights include racer and actor Emelia Hartford flagging a race, and the Blue Man Group playing an assemblage of PVC water pipes. There’s also a Ford Mustang tearing away at the end, a nod to the team’s upcoming engine partnership with Ford.

Many people would suggest that if you’re looking for comedic actors, you don’t start with a bunch of F1 drivers and team administrators. Regardless, Red Bull do just that and always put on a show worthy of a chuckle or two. They’re doing a damn sight more than most other teams to promote the sport to a wider audience with a bit of fun and plenty of flair. Bravo.

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