Miami F1 Marina Has Real Water in It This Year, Guys

At least the 2022 race gave us a ton of great memes.

byCaleb Jacobs|
F1 photo
F1 Miami Grand Prix

The inaugural F1 Miami Grand Prix was an impressive feat, all things considered. Sure, the track was built in a parking lot that had a little trouble holding up to actual race cars. And yeah, the made-for-TV marina with fake water was more like the Monaco we have at home. But since organizers have had a year to improve, the latter has at least been addressed and now there's real H2O floating boats along the circuit.

The Grand Prix's official Twitter account broke the news itself by posting a video:

The event's Twitter profile even joined the dogpile:

It's good to see they have a sense of humor about it. Everyone's getting geared up for this weekend's race at Hard Rock Stadium with the paddock located on the Miami Dolphins' football field this year. There's plenty of flair and panache with one of the world's richest sports visiting the Magic City.

F1 is generating a ton of buzz as it touches down stateside, and it'll be back two more times in 2023. Next up after this is October's United States Grand Prix at Circuit of the Americas, then the penultimate world championship round in Las Vegas come November. Both are sure to be a party, but my money's on Vegas to try and one-up Miami. It's on the world-famous strip, for crying out loud.

Tune into The Drive this weekend as we cover what's worth reading about from F1. It's anyone's guess how good the on-track action will be, but if both Red Bulls DNF and another team wins for the first time this season, Miami might suddenly become the most entertaining race of the year. It's up to Max and Checo, really.

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