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VW Beetle Driver Racks Up 57 Speeding Tickets in Less Than Two Months

This driver averaged more than one speeding ticket per day for 54 days and, unsurprisingly, never paid any of them.

Welsh driver John Kelly has racked up a nearly-£47,000 ($54,000) fine for racking up 57 speeding tickets in just 54 days, averaging over one ticket per day, in his blue Volkswagen Beetle, according to Wales Online. All 57 speeding tickets came from just four different locations, between Feb. 19 and April 14, proving Kelly’s almost impressive unwillingness to learn. All four spots were local 30 mph zones.

Despite the low speed limit, Kelly averaged 45 mph through those zones, even getting clocked once for doing 69 mph in the blue Beetle. The tickets were issued after Kelly was caught on speed cameras in those areas. I can already hear all of the Clarkson-esque complaints about speed cameras from U.K. drivers. Admittedly, if they failed to stop a serial speeder for almost two months, the cameras clearly weren’t very effective. The only reason Kelly even stopped speeding was that on April 14 the car was seized by police for not having insurance. Of course, the car was uninsured.

And because someone who gets busted for speeding more than once a day isn’t exactly keen on rules, Kelly never paid any of the tickets. After the 58 tickets were sent to Kelly’s house (57 for speeding and one for a red light violation) and went unpaid, they were sent to court. In court, Kelly was fined £46,880 for the unpaid tickets, suspended from driving for 36 months, and received 48 points on their license.

So rather than just pay a few fines and slow down, Kelly is now being forced to pay a small fortune in fines. With £47,000, Kelly could upgrade from a lowly Beetle to a nicely equipped Golf R but instead, it goes to the local Welsh government.

Obviously, I don’t condone speeding, especially doing double the limit in a residential zone, but there’s a hilarious tenacity to someone just not giving a damn and driving as quickly as they want, racking up fines like their skeeball tickets. Hopefully, a Golf R’s worth of fines slows Kelly down in the future.

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