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This Halo Warthog Cybertruck Wrap Shouldn’t Work, And Yet

The Cybertruck's low-poly design pairs well with early-aughts Xbox graphics.
SS Customs

As a teenager I played a lot of Halo—specifically Halo 2—and wanted nothing more than a real-life Warthog to rip around my small town’s streets in. And while there have been countless individual attempts to make Warthog wraps, this example for the Cybertruck is one of the better looking I’ve seen, and actually makes Tesla’s low-polygon truck look better.

The shop that made this wrap is SS Customs, out of Redwood City, California and it’s surprisingly true to the iconic Halo vehicle. OK, so SS Customs actually calls it a “Razorback,” the civilian version of the Warthog that is drivable in Halo Infinite, like what an H1 is to a military-duty Humvee. However, the wrapped Cybertruck looks more like a Warthog, due to its recognizable green livery. And because Tesla’s pickup is highly polygonal by nature, the result is very consistent with original Xbox graphics from 20 years ago. It’s almost like a low level-of-detail model spawned in the distance that’s especially blocky, before you get closer and all the details fill in.

Ironically, not only does this Warthog wrap work perfectly with the Cybertruck’s odd proportions, but I’d argue it actually improves the vehicle’s looks. Tesla’s (or Elon’s) vision for the Cybertruck was a sort of brutalist, futuristic vehicle that lacks the curves and body lines of traditional cars. But adding some of these touches back in via a wrap breathes newfound life into the Cybertruck. The stock truck’s cold, lifeless design is completely devoid of character, and SS Customs’ treatment fixes that to some degree, while complimenting the existing wheel covers surprisingly well.

The folks at SS Customs must have been big Halo fans back in the day and likely still are, as the detailing is as accurate as I’ve ever seen on a wrap. The rear vents on the truck’s bed rails, the front fender vent, and all of the Warthog’s panel seams are present. The blacked-out area where the Warthog’s roof cutout is supposed to be looks great, too. If Cybertruck owners open the cover, friends can even climb in the back just like they did in the game. For obvious reasons, it doesn’t come with a bed-mounted machine gun, but don’t give Elon—the man who sold flamethrowers to Californians during a drought—any ideas.

If you want to order this wrap, it’ll cost you $2,700, and it comes in a variety of different laminate options—satin, gloss, matte, and even sparkle—but that’s before having it installed by your local shop. If you own a Cybertruck but want to stand out even more than you already do, this wrap will do the trick while also providing an instant teenage nostalgia bump to any millennials that pass by.

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