Initial D Toyota AE86 and Mazda RX-7 PC Mice Are for Desktop Drifting

Déjà vu, I have been in this cubicle before.

byJames Gilboy|
Initial D cars as computer mice


I play way too much Old School RuneScape for someone with as crappy a computer mouse as I have; I've also watched all of Initial D. So it may not surprise you to know how strongly tempted I am to buy the Initial D Mazda RX-7 mouse—or its Toyota AE86 counterpart. Decisions, decisions.

These Japanese classics are both represented in a line of Bluetooth computer mice that have just become available through Japanese retailer They encompass Takumi's iconic AE86 and both of the Takahashi brothers' RX-7s, including both Ryosuke's white FC and Keisuke's yellow FD. You get to choose which iteration of each car you want, too; they're all available in first-season trim, as well as fourth-stage for the FD and 86, or fifth-stage for Ryosuke's car.

The mice top out around $50, and are powered by a single rechargeable AA battery (you'd better get a rechargeable). Their sizes vary slightly, with the RX-7s measuring is just over four inches long and one high, while the AE86 is slightly bigger at more than five inches long. They feature working lights when powered on, though these seem to extend only to corner and fog lights, not the flip-up headlights. Each also includes one of three styles of Initial D mouse pad, which seem to have reversible patterns.

Admittedly, computer mice with huge rear wings don't look too ergonomic to use. In fact, car shapes in general don't lend themselves well to mice, not with awkward scroll wheels protruding through their hoods. But I'll tell you, I've dropped $50 on worse than this, and not even had an anime mouse pad to show for it.

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