The New China-Market Nissan Pathfinder Looks Better Than US Version

Unfortunately, it’s probably never coming to the U.S. market.

byNico DeMattia|
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The United States-market Nissan Pathfinder isn't a bad looking SUV. At worst, it's just a generic looking front-wheel-drive-based, three-row SUV. It isn't special but it isn't offensive, either. However, it could be so much better looking and Nissan just proved it by releasing this Chinese-market Pathfinder Concept.

Despite being based on the current-generation Pathfinder, this new Chinese-market Pathfinder Concept looks completely different and it's so much better looking. Up front, the concept is far more modern and high-tech looking, with stacked horizontal LEDs flanking a simple grille made up of horizontal slats. Above the Nissan badge is a horizontal strip of gloss black trim, with an offset "Pathfinder" badge, making it one of the few cars with its model name presented on the front.

When you look at the current U.S.-market Pathfinder from the side, it has a disjointed shoulder line that's taller at each fender than it is between them. Whereas the concept features a crisp shoulder line that runs from the front fender, straight through the door handles, into the point of the taillight, which is much cleaner. Its rear digital-looking LED taillight bar is pretty sweet, too.

Nissan didn't release any specs for the concept but since it's based on the current Pathfinder, a production version will likely be similar. The 3.5-liter 284-horsepower V6 will be an option, along with any other engines Nissan might offer in China. All engines will get a nine-speed automatic and either front- or all-wheel drive.

Again, the U.S.-market Pathfinder isn't an ugly car but, compared to this concept, it's frumpy and cheap looking. I wish Nissan would bring this concept to the U.S., as it would instantly make the Pathfinder one of the better looking SUVs in its segment. But it seems like the concept was designed specifically for China, as Nissan's own press release says this concept blends "Chinese modern aesthetics with quintessential Nissan-ness." So don't expect U.S. Pathfinders to get these sharp looks anytime soon.

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