The Buick LaCrosse Is Back With a Next-Gen Sedan in China, Not Here

Of course, the most stylish Buick sedan in ages isn’t coming to North America.

byNico DeMattia|
Buick News photo

Buick is continuing to refresh its brand image, with stylish new cars and expensive looking cabins. Sadly for us Yanks, we won't get its latest offering, the all-new, Chinese market-only Buick LaCrosse.

The LaCrosse has been dead in North America since 2019, when it was discontinued during its third generation, but it never died in China. Not only did Buick not discontinue the LaCrosse in China, it created new fourth generation and it looks far better than any of the brand's North American cars.

With the new LaCrosse, Buick picks up where it left off with the new Envista. So it wears a similar exterior design language, with upside Nike Swoosh headlights, a shark nose front end, a shiny grille, and Buick's new logo. According to Buick, in the top-spec LaCrosse Avenir, its new adaptive Matrix headlights feature 222 LED light sources and nine "intelligent lighting modes."

Out back, it gets a big 'ol 1.3-meter light bar with 352 LED light sources. Apparently, the light bar has "advanced laser welding technology" that allows it to pull off a fancy light sequence. That light sequence, which is done by both the headlights and taillights, as well as the door handle welcome lights, happens as soon as the driver approaches the car with their wireless phone key.

Inside, the new LaCrosse features perhaps the best looking Buick interior ever. It's simple, airy, and looks expensive. The massive, cheekily named 30 inch EYEMAX screen dominates the dashboard and features an absolutely overkill 6k resolution. It runs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 processor, has 5G connectivity, and gets over-the-air updates.

The interior you see in the photos is from the Avenir model and features 121 dynamic interior ambient lighting sources (this thing's going to have more lighting sources than horsepower), "3D floating seats," and heating and massaging for both front and rear passengers. Its 2,905 mm (114.3 inch) wheelbase is about the same as a Mercedes E-Class, which gives it ample backseat space.

Buick didn't release any mechanical information, so there's no word on powertrains, performance, or fuel economy just yet. There isn't even word on when Buick will reveal such info. Unfortunately for us North Americans, though, it doesn't matter, as we won't be getting this stylish new Buick anyway.

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