Overhead Transformer Absolutely Crushes Truck After Deadly Corvette Crash; Truck Driver Survived

After a Corvette slammed into a utility pole, the transformer dropped onto the cab of this box truck and nearly struck the driver, who didn’t need medical attention.

byAaron Cole|
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The driver of a large truck narrowly avoided being crushed by a transformer mounted on a utility pole when it fell after a Chevy Corvette crashed into it Tuesday. The driver of the Chevy Corvette was transported to a local hospital where he died later, according to the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office. 

Investigators said witnesses reported the Corvette was attempting to pass the truck on a relatively rural road 40 miles north of Detroit. The Corvette lost control, and slammed into the utility pole, dropping the transformers and live wires onto the car. The truck stopped behind the Corvette after it snapped the pole and the transformer crushed the cab of the truck. 

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According to Fox2Detroit, the driver of the truck—a 52-year-old man—said if he had been leaning forward instead of sitting upright, he would’ve been killed. The driver of the truck emerged from the cab and declined medical attention, police said. 

Locals told the news station that the road, Romeo Plank Road near 26 Mile Road, is notorious for speeders. 

“It’s incredible. It’s incredible, but the speeds around here are pretty high. People are always in a hurry,” Mary Greet told Fox2Detroit.

Investigators haven’t determined what may have caused the Corvette to lose control and reopened the roads after utility crews repaired the pole. 

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