It’s Hard to Fail a Driver’s Test Worse Than This

It starts off normally but things slowly get more and more chaotic.

byNico DeMattia|
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There's no way the instructor for this driver's test in Argentina had the slightest clue of the chaos that was about to ensue. It started off normal, without any indication that things were about to go haywire. And it was a slow build for the viewer, too, as you start to realize things are getting weirder and weirder, until a sudden and climactic end.

I should point out that the woman behind the wheel was hospitalized for minor injuries after this test, which is in no way funny. However, knowing the injuries are minor and that she's OK, I won't blame you for laughing at just how suddenly things got out of hand.

As the video begins, the driver of the Volkswagen Gol (that isn't a typo, the Gol is a South American-market hatchback that's actually smaller than the Golf) slowly navigates a roundabout. As she comes around the other side, though, you notice the car's hazard lights are on. Odd, but not a problem, maybe she accidentally pressed the button.

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Then things started to even more off the rails. She accelerates harder out of the roundabout and clips the curb, then goes over a speed bump probably a bit too quickly and clips another curb. She then procedes to blow through a stop sign, swing way too wide and drive up onto some grass, before going full Leroy Jenkins and flooring it into a lamp post, flipping the car over. Then, while the car is on its side, she must have hit the throttle again, as a large plume of smoke shoots from the exhaust, as if to punctuate the madness.

Obviously, it isn't funny that she got hurt, and thankfully her injuries were minor, but it's so unexpectedly and suddenly chaotic at the end that it's hard to not laugh from shock.

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