Indiana Man Driving Jeep Power Wheels Gets Pulled Over, Arrested for DUI

The individual said he drove the Power Wheels for "nine months" before getting caught.
Indiana State Police

In a shocking twist, an Indiana Man is gunning for one of the top Florida Man moments of 2023. While it was no substance-fueled rampage, extraordinary speeding on a public road, nor burying stolen cars with an excavator, getting arrested for driving a Power Wheels Jeep while purportedly on crystal meth makes for one hell of a Thursday night. 

In a video posted by the Indiana State Police (ISP) and dated Aug. 24, the unnamed 51-year-old man gets pulled over while piloting a blue Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler. There’s no definitive location given, but the area looks residential and has minimal street lighting, making the sans-reflector, sticker headlight-equipped Power Wheels a real road hazard. Nonetheless, an ISP trooper glimpses the minuscule Jeep and pounces into a traffic stop. 

The officer investigated why the man was driving the Power Wheels on public roads, eventually conducting a field sobriety test. The man claimed he had no driving license, which is likely why he was driving a Power Wheels. In a scene that’s a mix of Cops and a Pixar movie gone wrong, the officer searched the Jeep with his flashlight, finding a bottle of liquid, keys, and a wallet. Within the interior (if you can call it one) were several motorcycle batteries—presumably backups for the Power Wheels to extend its driving range.

That was all apparently enough to arrest the man at the scene, and the officer continued to question him in the patrol car. When the officer asked what the man had in his system, he replied “crystal meth.” The man later claimed he drove the baby Jeep for “nine months” before his arrest. Either way, it got hauled away from the scene by a full-size tow truck, which frankly seems like overkill.

As the video closes, the man notes that the officer might “get famous for” being the trooper who caught the Power Wheels Indiana Man. The officer surely won’t forget this night in a hurry.

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