Good Guy QuikTrip Writes $20K Check After Customer Gets Contaminated Diesel in Duramax

A bad batch of diesel ruined the truck’s entire fuel system.

byNico DeMattia|


I can't help but think of Tommy Callahan's glue-sniffing fairy speech when I hear about product guarantees. How well can you trust a company's guarantee, when there are likely countless little asterisks in the fine print, preventing the company from actually having to guarantee anything? Thankfully, like Callahan brake pads, QuikTrip sticks to its word, as 2024 GMC Sierra 2500HD Duramax-owner Jared Guynes recently learned.

One Sunday in late March, Guynes stopped at a QuikTrip to fill the tank of his GMC 2500HD Duramax with 35 gallons of diesel. However, 22 miles later Guynes realize there was a problem. So he had the truck towed to Lakeside Chevrolet in Rockwall, Texas. When the technicians inspected the truck, they learned that the fuel system was damaged, due to the diesel fuel being contaminated with water. According to Lakeside, the truck needed an entire fuel system replacement. The cost? $20,000.

So Guynes looked into QuikTrip's "Guaranteed Gasoline" policy. After filing a full report about what happened, and sending in a statement from an ASE-certified mechanic, QuikTrip approved the repair by Lakeside Chevrolet. While it took a few weeks for Guynes to get the funds, which didn't happen until after the repairs were completed, QuikTrip sent over a check for $20,533.52. Now, Guynes' truck, with only 22,000 miles on it, has a new fuel pump, fuel injectors, fuel lines, filters, and a new diesel particulate filter (DPF) system.

"QT made a mistake. It happens. It sucks. For them, for me, for everyone. But QT also made it right. They followed through, stood by their word, and handled the situation professionally," said Guynes on Facebook. "Sure, I would have loved it to have gone faster, but some things have to take time. I’m not upset. I’m thankful. I didn’t have to file a claim, contact my insurance, or even notate the specifics of the repair on my carfax. My truck is driving exactly the way it was before the failure."

I've dealt with longer, more arduous warranty programs for an old mechanical keyboard than what Guynes dealt with to get a $20,000 check. QuikTrip has a guarantee it sticks by, just like Callahan brake pads.

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