Can-Am’s Return to Making Motorcycles After Decades Will Be All-Electric

Silent Can-Am motorcycles sound like a lot of fun.

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Though you may now associate Can-Am with the company’s many side-by-side offerings, it once built motorcycles. That may have been decades ago, but the brand’s powersports acumen has improved in the subsequent years. Now it’s time to see the brand’s two-wheeled offerings return, and this time they’re fully electric.

We’re not just getting one, but two new electric motorcycles. As you’d expect from a company that’s built its persona around everything off-road, one of the two motorcycles is designed for adventure riding. Named “Origin,” the motorcycle pays homage to Can-Am’s Track n’ Trail moto and features an upright ADV riding position, off-road wheels and tires, a high seat and ride height, and what appears to be a bash-plate beneath the electric motor. It also looks sick.

The second—called the Pulse—is more in line with many of Zero’s offerings, as well as LiveWire, in that it’s an urban commuter with the intention of getting more people riding to and from work or around town and looks pretty sporty. Both motorcycles also feature neat single-sided swingarms, LED lighting, and similarly large gauge clusters, too. They also both can use Level 2 charging, which should make charging them quick both at home and on the road.

Both motorcycles use motors from Rotax, which also supplies the company with its gasoline engines. For these motorcycles, they’re dubbed “E-Rotax.” Can-Am isn’t discussing specs such as power output, battery pack capacity, range, and all the other specifics we moto nerds enjoy poring over because these motorcycles aren’t arriving until “mid-2024.” That’s still a year and change away and leaves Can-Am with more than enough time to pick the right suppliers, engineer, and fine-tune the two bikes. That’s to say a lot can change between now and 2024. I just hope Can-Am’s designers don’t touch the styling, cause the Origin is “Shut up and take my money” gorgeous.

The two motorcycles aim to “reclaim” Can-Am’s motorcycling heritage, said José Boisjoli, president and CEO of Can-Am’s parent company, BRP, said in a statement. “Half a century ago, Can-Am roared to victory on the track and the trail, and today, a legacy is reborn. In true BRP fashion, we are bringing our very own electric powerpack to our motorcycles, and crafting thrilling riding experiences for a whole new generation,” he added.

So what do you all think? Is this the way Can-Am re-enters the motorcycling market?