Arnold Schwarzenegger Patched a Pothole Because Los Angeles Didn’t

If it’s deep, we can fill it.

byJames Gilboy|
Arnold Schwarzenegger repairing a street in Los Angeles, California
Twitter @Schwarzenegger

Actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger released a video of himself filling a hole in his neighborhood's street after winter storms widely damaged roads in California.

Schwarzenegger posted the video to Twitter, showing himself and his assistants pouring and leveling concrete in a depression on the street of his Los Angeles neighborhood. The Austrian-American worked in a leather jacket and sunglasses, an outfit reminiscent of his character in "Terminator." He and his crew were thanked by a passerby as they worked.

"You have to do it yourself," Schwarzenegger said in the video. "This is crazy. For three weeks, I've been waiting for this hole to be closed."

A reply to the tweet from an ABC reporter indicates the hole was likely a service trench dug by SoCalGas, which may have been improperly filled after work concluded. It may have been damaged by recent winter storms, which a spokesperson for Schwarzenegger told AP News had prompted requests for repairs. Storms in February and March caused widespread damage and flooding and led desperate farmers to sink a Chevrolet Silverado to repair a levee in farm country. Los Angeles has not fallen substantively behind on pothole repairs, according to Mayor Karen Bass, who reportedly stated the city had fulfilled 17,549 of 19,692 service requests filed since Dec. 30.

When potholes become a personal problem, they can spur even celebrities into action, as previously demonstrated by rockstar Rod Stewart. Last year, Stewart released a video of himself repairing potholes in his own neighborhood after an ambulance was reportedly disabled by one while responding to a call. Stewart may have had a personal stake in their repair, as the potholes were believed to have prevented him from driving his Ferrari F8 Tributo.

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