Alfa Romeo To Partner With Haas F1 Team in 2024: Report

Rumors claim that Alfa wants to stay in F1, but its loyalty to Ferrari doesn't afford it many options.

Alfa Romeo‘s partnership with the Sauber Formula 1 Team will cease to exist at the end of the current racing season, bookending a five-year relationship that’s reported to have been extremely profitable for both brands. The Italian automaker has yet to announce any future plans for motorsport-related sponsorships, but recent reports claim that a new deal has been struck with the Haas F1 Team.

Several reports highlight that Alfa Romeo and Haas executives met at the Monaco F1 Grand Prix last weekend to finalize what is believed to be a two-year contract. Rumors claim that this meeting was originally scheduled for the Emilia-Romagna round of the F1 championship, but its cancellation delayed the signing, and ultimately the announcement of the new partnership.


Should this rumor be true, Alfa would likely enjoy a partnership with Haas very similar to the one it’s had with Sauber. This would likely result in a name change for America’s only F1 team, as well as a new livery and maybe some new sponsors. For what it’s worth, the rumor has some credence due to Alfa’s allegiance to Ferrari, with Alfa’s CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato once claiming that Alfa could only partner with an F1 team powered by Maranello’s engines.

Imparato, who once famously said that its deal with Sauber awarded him “the best return on investment on earth,” will likely try to achieve similar results with Haas. It’s worth noting that Haas does not enjoy the same storied background in F1 as Sauber, so that could present new challenges. But alas, the cost to partner with Haas would likely be much, much lower.

When asked for comment, an Alfa U.S. spokesperson said the following: “We are investigating every kind of opportunity about the future of Alfa Romeo after F1.”

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