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A New Toyota 4Runner Is About to Be Revealed for the First Time in 15 Years

The sixth-generation SUV is being revealed at 10:15 p.m. EDT. Here’s what we know so far.

byCaleb Jacobs|
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The outgoing Toyota 4Runner was revealed in 2009 when Obama was president and I Gotta Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas was number one on pop radio. That means you, me, and everyone else who cares about four-wheeling adventure rigs have been waiting 15 years to see a new one. So much has changed since then, and soon, so will the 4Runner as the sixth-generation SUV is being revealed in full at 10:15 p.m. EDT.

Toyota has posted a slow drip of teasers over the past couple of weeks, first showing the bottom of the 4Runner's back end. After that, the automaker shared another shot that confirmed the drop-down rear glass is making a much-welcomed return. And finally, just yesterday, Toyota announced the 2025 4Runner would get a dedicated Trailhunter off-road trim like we've already seen on the Tacoma. These alone show it has the makings of a cool, boxy 4x4.

We have our coverage ready to fire once the embargo lifts, so be sure to check the site after the reveal time (again, that's 10:15 p.m. EDT / 7:15 p.m. PDT). You'll see our 4Runner stories front and center on The Drive's homepage, and I think you'll like what we have. There's also more to come on Wednesday and throughout the rest of the week.

Since Toyota isn't live-streaming the reveal, enjoy the tunes and try to remember where you were when the last 4Runner was revealed. My answer to that question is... sixth grade. And I'm 25.

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Buckle up and prepare for what's sure to be days of discourse surrounding the truck on social media—for better or worse. This is a big deal, and who knows when we'll witness a new 4Runner reveal again? If we have to wait another 15 years, I can only imagine what the world will be like.

Actually, I'd rather not. Let's just focus on the truck.

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