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A Ford Mustang Sedan With a V8 and Manual Is Totally Possible, CEO Says

As long as it has the "performance and attitude of the original," Mustangs of any shape are possible, Jim Farley says.

Given the existence of the Mustang Mach-E, Ford clearly has no bones about experimenting with bringing its iconic flagship into different vehicle segments. And it might just try it again, if the words of Ford CEO Jim Farley are any indication.

When speaking to Autocar at the recent Goodwood Members’ Meeting, Farley spoke about potential Mustang variants and specifically mentioned a possible sedan version.

“We will never build a Mustang that isn’t a Mustang,” he told Autocar. “For instance, there will never be room for a small, two-row Ford SUV with a Mustang badge stuck on it. But could we do other Mustang body forms—a four-door or whatever? I believe we could, as long as these models have all the performance and attitude of the original.”


I guess Ford’s corporate mental gymnastics prevent it from categorizing the Mach-E as a Mustang, though, because Farley later went on to say “one thing I can promise, however, is that we will never make an all-electric Mustang,” endorsing partial electrification instead. Should someone tell him?

But let’s forget Ford’s Mustang Mach-E neglect for a moment. The CEO of Ford just said that a four-door Mustang could be in the cards. And since he also told Autocar that he’s going to fight to keep V8s and manual transmissions, the world could eventually get a V8-powered Mustang sport sedan with three pedals, and hopefully rear-wheel drive.

This might seem like a pipe dream, but Farley seems enthusiastic about broadening the Mustang brand in the future. According to Ford’s CEO, the Mustang is the best-selling sports coupe in the world, now that the company has finally made the pony car global, and some of its biggest markets happen to be Sweden and Australia. With so much worldwide success and such a bright future, Ford seems willing to realistically explore less conventional Mustang ideas. “At our best, we are an irreverent company. We need to keep doing derivatives that will surprise people.”

I have a suggestion: take it one step further, Ford, and give the world a V8-powered Mustang wagon with a manual that’ll beat the Germans at their own game.

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