Watch A Drag-Ready Jeep Blast Down A Dragstrip at Over 140 MPH

The Jeep packs a punch with a 6.55-liter Ford V8 and a 88mm turbocharger.

1320 Video/ Youtube

An old Jeep was never known for producing a lot of horsepower, in fact, you were lucky if they broke 100 horsepower at the wheels. However, if you have enough money and dedication, anything can go fast.

The gentleman in the video below has proven that even an old jeep can run with the best of them. Far from stock, this turbocharged drag jeep is powered by a 6.55-liter Ford V8 with a 88mm turbo bolted on. The power numbers are unclear but there is clearly enough power to get the drag car to do a wheelie when launching off the line.

The Jeep’s first run in the 1/8 mile was around 5.7 seconds and then quickly fell down to around 5.2 seconds. Although the Jeep did not come out on top on every race, it may very well be the fastest Jeep in the country at the moment. Couple that will the fact that the driver is operating this beast without a roof or wheelie bar and you have one badass setup.