California Dirt Bike Rider Jumps the 60 Freeway in Dangerous Stunt

The caption on his Instagram video reads, “The keyboard warriors were out in full force. Where are you now.”

byMax Goldberg|
California Dirt Bike Rider Jumps the 60 Freeway in Dangerous Stunt

There are thrill-seekers everywhere you look, even directly above a busy highway. The quick Instagram video posted to 24 year-old San Clemente, California resident Kyle Katsandris’s account shows this daring rider soar above the 60 Freeway.

Located in Riverside County, California, the 60 Freeway connects Riverside to Los Angeles and is teeming with traffic. However, last week it served as the platform for a daring stunt. Dirt bike enthusiast Kyle Katsandris managed to jump the entire freeway after making a jump and ramp in the San Timoteo Badlands.

According to friends close to Katsandris, this was a routine jump and although it looked dangerous, it was something Katsandris has done many times before. The stunt will be investigated by authorities, but it may be harder than most might think to charge Katsandris with a crime. Deputy Armando Munoz of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office Media Information Bureau stated, "If we are looking into something, we need a victim. We don’t have a victim." California Highway Patrol then went on to say it may be hard to charge Katsandris with a reckless driving misdemeanor since his helmet prevents identification.

Regardless of whether or not Katsandris gets away with this daring stunt, it definitely wasn't the wisest move.