Dodge Announces Partnership for Fate of the Furious—In Case it Wasn't Obvious

An amazing example of blatantly obvious automotive product placement.

From the trailers we've seen so far, the eighth iteration of the Fast and the Furious series is crammed with Dodge products, so it makes sense that Dodge has set up an official partnership with the film's distribution company.

Fiat Chrysler announced Thursday that Dodge would be partnering up Universal Pictures to release television ads and merchandise for Fate of the Furious. Additionally—and most obviously—there will be some SRT Dodge Chargers and Challengers cluttering up the screens in the new movie. 

As we've already seen in the trailers, Challengers will be used in at least one action-packed chase scene, and there will also be tons of widebody Mopar muscle cars. Also, how about those Demon-esque Challengers?

Fate of the Furious can be seen in theaters on April 14.