Watch a Modified Lamborghini Gallardo Go Up in Flames

Onlookers attempted to put the flames out but were unable to help the poor Gallardo.

byAaron Brown|
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Of all the ways to say goodbye to your car, watching it burn to bits in front of you has to be the hardest. With no time for proper goodbyes, you have to console yourself with the fact that you got out safely, but at the same time, you just lost a close friend. And when the car is a Lamborghini Gallardo with a value that lives comfortably in the six digit range, it's going to be extra tough.

A modified Gallardo LP570-F Superleggera equipped with twin-turbochargers and putting out around 1,000 horsepower caught fire in Miami Saturday at BullFest Miami 2017. According to an Instagram post, no one was injured in the fire when the car abruptly burst into flames.

The Instagram user said that onlookers attempted to suppress the flames with fire extinguishers, but apparently the car was pretty much helpless.

If you want to watch the poor Italian supercar suffer, videos from the scene can be found below. But let us warn you, it's a hard thing to see.

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