Man With Car Sex Fetish Jailed on Valentine’s Day for Allegedly Stealing Five Chevys

The 26-year-old man, a former candidate for the Michigan House, was already awaiting trial for reportedly being caught “cranking” in a government-owned vehicle.

byWill Sabel Courtney|
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Well, that's romantic. A Michigan man with a criminal history involving an automotive sexual fetish was jailed on Valentine's Day for allegedly boosting five cars earlier in the month, according to local news reports

26-year-old Jordan Haskins, a former Republican Party candidate for the Michigan House of Representatives, was arraigned Tuesday on seven felony counts over an incident that occurred on February 6th, according to, including five charges of unlawfully driving away with a vehicle.

Early on the morning of February 6th, Haskins allegedly broke into Martin Chevrolet in Saginaw, Michigan and took four SUVs and trucks awaiting repairs out for joyrides. 

"This person took some vehicles from the body shop and drove around the back lot area, damaging the vehicles and jumping over hills," Thomas Township Police Sgt. Al Fong said, according to MLive.

An employee arriving at the dealership saw the 2001 Buick Park Avenue Haskins drove off in, police say, enabling them to track him down and arrest him a short time later. Police say that car was stolen from the city of Saginaw.

Not the man's first run-in with the law over automotive crimes

Haskins was already facing charges in Saginaw County for an alleged vehicular crime late last year. Police claim Haskins broke into a county garage and unlawfully obtained a maintaincence truck to engage in "cranking," a sexual fetish in which people reportedly remove spark plug wires to make a vehicle run rough, in order to achieve, er...satisfaction

Haskins reportedly has admitted to police to having engaged in cranking in the past, according to He has been arrested several times before in the area over allegations of similar activity

Luckily for the owners of the four stolen vehicles, police say they do not believe Haskins was cranking in the Chevrolets he went joyriding in on February 6th. But we wouldn't be surprised if some of them went out and bought hand-held backlights. 

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