GM May Replace Australia’s Holden Commodore With Chevy Corvette

Because everyone needs a V8 sports car—and the Aussies more than most.

byMax Goldberg|
Chevrolet News photo

Last week we mentioned that the Chevrolet SS—and, subsequently, the Chevy Caprice SSV—would end production at the end of this year. That's because the Holden Commodore, the Australian model on which both cars are based, is ending production, as well.

Rather than leaving Australia without a V8 sports car, GM is spending thousands of dollars trademarking the Corvette logo in Australia. This is a bold move for GM, since Australia originally denied the trademark request, asserting the bow-tie within the logo looks too much like the Red Cross logo.

Still, GM hopes to succeed with the trademark and bring the eighth edition Corvette down under. Instead of using a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive platform, rumors indicate that GM intends to use the much anticipated mid-engined Corvette.

A while back, there were rumors that GM was going to bring make the Chevy Camaro the next V8 sports car of choice in Australia, but a Holden spokesman indicated that this was not possible as the Camaro is only compatible with left-hand drive.