Watch The Slow Mo Guys Explode 25 Airbags in A Rainbow of Destruction

They turned a somewhat violent device into the mechanism for a wonderful rainbow of powder.

byMax Goldberg|
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Airbags are awesome, watching stuff in slow motion is awesome, watching airbags explode in slow motion with colored powder is amazing. Recently The Slow Mo Guys made a video of 25 airbags exploding at the same time with all the colors of the rainbow piled on top of the airbags. Using remote detonation, the airbags exploded at simultaneously in a beautiful rainbow.

The Slow Mo Guys then proceeded to do the shot over again with slightly different timing as well as with them in the foreground. Now, don’t get me wrong, these shots rock but the production behind each shot must be a total pain. The Slow Mo Guys had to stack powder in tinfoil above each airbag before every shot and they constantly ran the risk of an airbag not detonating and subsequently ruining the slow-motion video.

This video is a refreshing take from the usual airbag videos we see of gearheads placing them under seat cushions or under tires in hopes of watching a fairly violent practical joke or mass destruction.

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