The Slow Mo Guys Come in Like a Wrecking Ball

Ever wonder what happens when you smash cars with a wrecking ball? Probably not. But it’s fun to watch anyway.

byJustin Hughes|
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The Grand Tour is back and The Slow Mo Guys decided to celebrate the return of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond (barely), and James May to the small screen in a highly appropriate manner: smashing stuff up and shooting it in slow motion. Dan has a shiny new RV, which, of course, comes to absolutely no harm whatsoever in this video.

The video starts with a test run on a brick wall, which falls away like paper—kind of boring. But then the Guys ramps the wrecking ball up to "maximum beans" on a Buick LeSabre. This bashes in the entire passenger side of the car, which is a problem because with a broken door handle how is anyone going to pick up girls? The Slow Mo Guys won't get too far in that endeavor, though, since the hit shoved the car sideways so badly it pulled the left front tire off the rim. But at least the driver's door still works, a testament to the 1990s' General Motors engineering. No, really.

The next victim is an oddball: a Honda Element. This vehicle is unusual in that it has no B-pillar between the doors, so naturally, that's exactly where the Guys aim the nine-ton wrecking ball to strike. And strike it does, knocking the top-heavy Element on its side while leaving the passenger door mirror completely unharmed. The same can't be said for the rest of the car, of course, which is now rather difficult to move since it's off its wheels. Fortunately, the Guys have a wrecking ball to "fix" this.

The Slow Mo Guys / YouTube

Ever get mad at the E46 BMW's weak plastic radiator or water pump destroying your engine? Well, The Slow Mo Guys take revenge on your behalf, dropping the wrecking ball not once, but twice on one of these cars—probably once in honor of each of the poorly designed parts.

With that, the video is over, and Dan leaves to take a shower in his shiny new RV. (Fortunately, he doesn't get naked and ride the wrecking ball like Miley Cyrus.) Gav, however, has other plans.

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OK, there might be just a little bit of old Top Gear style RV abuse.

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