Cantle Visits the Petersen Museum’s Car Stories Podcast

Our West Coast Editor doles out advice on first motorcycles and how to consistently exercise bad judgement.

byThe Drive Staff| PUBLISHED Dec 27, 2016 5:18 PM
Cantle Visits the Petersen Museum’s Car Stories Podcast

Our West Coast Editor (and crash test dummy) Chris Cantle paid a recent visit to the subterranean lair of the Car Stories Podcast, deep in the bowels of Southern California's Petersen Automotive Museum.

The podcast boys, Kyle and James, do a great job of introducing a broad spectrum of automotive characters, from journalists to restoration experts, collectors and racers. It's well worth a listen. Kyle took advantage of Cantle's visit with a frequent question for many motorcyclists: What should I buy for my first bike?

The answer—plus some talk about bull riding, the state of car magazines, mustaches, jet ski enduro's and Chris's latest bad idea for going racing—it's all right behind this link.