This Behind-the-Scenes Top Gear Footage of Ken Block Drifting His Mustang around London Is a Must-Watch

The extended director's cut delivers all the hooning-the-Hoonicorn action you can take.

Hoonicorn London Matt LeBlanc Top Gear
Top Gear/YouTube

The third episode of the reincarnation of Top Gear featured a scene of Ken Block thrashing his insane Hoonicorn drift car around London alongside host Matt LeBlanc. That was enough to leave us content, but that's why we don't makeTop Gear—as the TV series just uploaded an longer, more drool-worthy clip of the two Americans exploring the British capital in the stupidly powerful classic Mustang.

The clip, uploaded to Top Gear's YouTube page on Thursday, starts out with the Hoonicorn busting out of a shipping crate that was just dropped from a military helicopter. Block then makes his way to what appears to be a bus stop where LeBlanc was eagerly awaiting a ride for a tour around London.

After scooping up the American Top Gear host [Not to be confused with the hosts of American Top Gear. –Ed.], Block makes his way to what looks to be a Ford facility of some sort. There, he rips in and out of a warehouse narrowly avoiding stationary trailers and an actual moving train while performing four-wheel drifts and incredibly fine donuts. In fact, it doesn't appear that Block and LeBlanc even reach an urban part of London until more than three minutes into the clip.

Once the two Americans do actually get an up-close glance at some of London's various iconic sightseeing spots, Block continues to go hard as hell with his burnout-on-top-of-burnout-on-top-of-powerslides-everywhere routine. He shows no fear, limited restraint, and immense car control capabilities. It's classic Ken Block.

It's a great clip. if you have 10 minutes to spare, go watch it. If you don't...well, make the damn time.