Matt LeBlanc May Earn £1 Million For the Next Season of Top Gear

Deal is all but signed, show insiders say.

Matt LeBlanc is poised to make £1 million if he signs the one-year host contract the BBC is offering for the next season of Top Gearaccording to The Mirror.

While LeBlanc, far and away one of the best parts of the revamped program, has always vocally maintained he’d be open to coming back, doubling his salary is one hell of an enticement. Last season, LeBlanc reportedly drew £500,000 for the year. That shouty ginger lead host? He got £1 million.

But with Chris Evans gone and our ears, eyes, and the future of the show no longer in jeopardy, LeBlanc is ready to take over. While in Los Angeles for the Television Critics Association, promoting his new CBS sitcom Man With A Plan, LeBlanc was asked about continuing on as the top host. “I don’t know. I’d like to,” he said. “There’s nothing officially happening yet. Follow the BBC.”

The Mirror claims BBC sources revealed a verbal agreement is in place, with the ink set to hit paper imminently. Per their source: “Matt was one of the positive aspects of the last series, he is keen to return and we definitely want him back so it will happen, we just need to dot the ‘i’s’ and cross the ‘t’s’. We think he will be back filming soon and he is excited about some of the ideas we have lined up.”

LeBlanc also shared his favorite part about hosting Top Gear was “probably the travel,” to places such as South Africa, Morocco, and Ireland. We would’ve assumed his favorite part of the series was when Evans was asked not to return, but hey, that’s just us.