Watch This Truck Recklessly Tow Away a Carelessly-Parked Corvette

Two jerks, one Corvette.

byAaron Brown| PUBLISHED Sep 8, 2016 4:05 PM
Watch This Truck Recklessly Tow Away a Carelessly-Parked Corvette

Parking in the middle of an area where other cars need to move around is a classic dick move—but that doesn't give those affected by the careless act the right to damage the annoyingly-parked car. Somebody might need to remind the driver of the truck in this Facebook video of that, however. He or she used a pickup truck to tow away a Corvette, apparently just because the sports car was parked in an inconvenient spot.

The video shows a seventh-generation Chevy Corvette with some rather unappealing aftermarket wheels being pulled with what looks to be some sort of tie-down strap by a colossal dually Dodge Ram. Which would be bad enough...but the real cringing starts when you notice the rear wheels of the 'Vette are completely locked as the truck yanks it across the pavement. In spite of that, though, the Ram driver continues on with his or her antics and moves the Corvette off the pavement.

While the locked rear wheels suggest the parking brake may have been engaged, it is unclear if the Corvette in the video was a stick shift car left in gear or if it was an automatic model with the transmission in Park. Either way, using this method to move the car out of the way undoubtedly caused unnecessary stress to the car and it also likely flat-spotted the rear tires.

Seriously, what's wrong with an angry note? Surely if this Corvette had been truly blocking the flow of traffic, other cars could have been moved around it with less trouble than it took to haul the sports car away proverbially kicking and screaming. This seems like an instance where a more humane method of dealing with the problem would have been a far better choice.

Watch the video for yourself below. Beware, though; there's some slightly NSFW language.