Fiat Will Give You a Free Track Day If You Buy an Abarth

Owners have one year from purchase to claim their day at the Bondurant Racing School.

byAaron Brown|
Fiat Will Give You a Free Track Day If You Buy an Abarth

When it comes to performance cars, we at The Drive are strong proponents of spending money on learning how to properly drive them before dropping any money on mods. So we give big props to any manufacturer that pays the way for its owners to learn what their cars can do—the way Fiat is teaming up with Bondurant Racing School to give Abarth owners a day of instructed track time.

Buyers and lessees of the new Fiat 124 Spider Abarth and the Fiat 500 Abarth will be given the opportunity to go to a free one-day high-performance driving program at the 60-acre Bondurant Racing School in Phoenix, Arizona. Bondurant already has around 200 track-ready instruction cars, many of which are Fiat Chrysler vehicles such as Vipers and Hellcats; the school now is adding several Abarth models for owners to mess around in as well. The 500 Abarths and 124 Spider Abarths in Bondurant's fleet will be used on track, for autocross and rallycross, and in a 180–220-mile road rally program.

Similar programs have been offered by Mercedes-BenzFord, and Chevrolet, among other manufacturers, but those programs are generally for cars that cost a bit more money than the sub-$30K price tags of the Abarth duo. Back in 2014, Fiat offered a similar program for 500 Abarth owners in which it would offer track time at various circuits around America for owners, but now it's bringing Bondurant in for the complete driver's education experience.

Fiat Chrysler is giving Abarth owners one year from when they take delivery of their car to claim their free track session. To sign up for your track day or to see if your car qualifies for the program, click here. The Abarths will be available at Bondurant starting in November.