This ‘Little Talladega’ Airbnb Has Its Own Racetrack, Dirt Oval, and Lots of Go Karts

If you’ve ever wanted to go drifting right outside your front door, this could be the place for you.

byLewin Day|
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Airbnb is the typically site you use to book somewhere to stay when you want to avoid the cost and reliability of a name-brand hotel. However, the accommodation provider also boasts some gems that you won't find anywhere else. That would include Little Talladega—a property spanning 60 acres on which you can make your gearhead dreams come true, as reported by CarScoops

Listed on Airbnb and located in Pomona, Missouri, the property features a sizable Tuscan-style home of over 8500 square feet. Equipped for up to sixteen guests, the house boasts six bedrooms with a total of 12 beds. Several are styled as pickup trucks, while there's also one aping a red 300ZX if you fancy sleeping in a racing car instead of a big bed with your wife. However, the true glory of this holiday rental lies outside the house.

An aerial view of the property. Note the dirt oval, tarmac circuit, and the cool logo mown into the grass., Airbnb

The property is named Little Talladega for good reason, riffing on the famous NASCAR circuit and featuring several tracks for plenty of hooning fun. There's a small teardrop-shaped course around the home, and while it's not up to FIA Grade 1 spec, it's more than large enough for drifting or frantic kart races, and is configurable in a few different layouts. Of course, if you're staying with friends, make sure you're karting respectfully so there's no awkwardness over the dinner table later. There's a dirt oval, too, which should provide for plenty of sideways antics. 

There are also miles of trails on the property which guests are free to explore. Even better, the giant garage comes stocked with karts and ATVs for guests to use at their leisure. Other treats inside the shed include a small arcade, complete with air hockey and a foosball table as well. 

More traditional luxury appointments include tennis and basketball courts, a sizable swimming pool, and even a baseball diamond for those who feel like hitting a few dingers during their stay. A billiards table and dancefloor round out the interior, so you and your fifteen friends should find it pretty difficult to get bored. There are plenty of car-themed touches inside for enthusiasts, like Snap-On hairdryers and toasters, and racing seats in several of the rooms. 

Outside of the automotive touches, it's simply a very well appointed luxury rental., Airbnb

YouTuber Taylor Ray stayed at the facility, providing a tour of the house and the surrounding facilities which you can watch below. In a second video, Taylor gets out on the track with friends to drift Miatas, before setting up a course in the garage for a battle on some electric ride-on Crazy Carts. Noise doesn't seem to be an issue, with the gang cutting laps well into the night

At the time of writing, prices start on the order of $2530 a night, plus some additional service fees. Split 16 ways, it's no more expensive than a fancy hotel room, plus you're getting a track on your doorstep along with all the rest. If you've got a big enough crew, it would certainly make for one heck of a gearhead holiday.

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