2017-2018 Indian Scouts Recalled for Potential Braking Issue

Air in your brake lines could result in a soft brake feel and less effective brakes.

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If you ride an Indian Scout, Scout Sixty, or Scout Bobber from 2017-2018 and it has ABS, you may have to pay your local dealer a visit pretty soon. In NHTSA recall number 18V-416, Indian Motorcycle is recalling 4,185 Scouts because they found that air might have gotten into the braking system during manufacturing.

Air in your ABS system means that your brakes might feel soft. If your brake pedal and lever feel nice and firm, then you should be good, but will want to take your bike in to be looked at anyway. If it doesn’t have that firm feeling and takes less effort than expected to activate your brakes, then your Scout might be one of the affected motorcycles.

Indian’s solution to this problem is to bleed the entire brake system and replace the brake fluid in such a way that ensures no air will get trapped in there. This issue was first reported to Indian in April of 2018 so it might be something you’ve been noticing for a while and you may have already had it checked out. If this is a job you’ve already had done at a dealer due to a soft brake feel, then you may be eligible for a reimbursement on the cost of the job.

Having air in your brakes can impact their effectiveness which is a real safety issue. If you ride one of the motorcycles affected by the recall, make sure to get your service scheduled as soon as you get your recall notice just in case. Like any other NHTSA recall, the repairs will be completed at no cost to the owner.