Don’t Drive Like This at the Karting Track

Not only will you get banned from the track, but you’ll likely get into a fight with one or multiple people.

byLewin Day|
Don’t Drive Like This at the Karting Track

Car enthusiasts love racing, and many of us grew up with dreams of doing going wheel-to-wheel with our rivals. Unfortunately, it's an elite and expensive sport to get into, so many of us settle for some action at our local karting center instead. Far from the stewards and the reach of the FIA, however, clashes in rental karts can get a little bit hairy. YouTuber Christopher Ball has shared a great example of what not to do on the track.

The video concerns the antics of a man we'll refer to henceforth as Number 5, or Five for short. Ball's video begins as he rounds a corner to find Five almost stopped at a corner exit after hitting a wall. Ball slows to avoid contact, and the two drivers slowly take off down the straight. As Ball starts to gain on the kart ahead, Five suddenly looks over his shoulder before immediately veering into Ball's path, putting him into the wall at the apex.

It's typically customary to look where you're going, but you do you..., YouTube/Christopher Ball

Focusing on blocking other drivers and pushing them into the scenery isn't how you set a fast lap time, and is generally considered a dick move. Nonetheless, Ball does his best to complete the pass and accelerates away. A couple of corners later, Five then T-bones Ball as he takes a slow left-hander. It's a dangerous maneuver, one that can flip a kart in the worst circumstances and lead to injury. 

Ow., YouTube/Christopher Ball

After shoving his way through, Five then resumes looking backward as much as forwards, veering all over the road to block Ball from passing once more. It's a slow way to get around the track, and another driver quickly arrives on the scene. After repeatedly being pushed into the walls by Five, the driver behind the wheel of number 17 decides enough is enough. Out-accelerating the reckless driver who is clearly out of their depth, Seventeen heads straight for the apex of the hairpin, leaving Five the choice to back out or hit the wall. Predictably, he does the latter.

There's nothing wrong with being a little slow at the neighborhood rent-a-kart, or taking an unconventional line here or there because you're not Ayrton Senna. It's supposed to be fun for everyone, after all. It's another thing entirely to attempt to shove other drivers into the wall or T-bone them in braking zones. Crazy blocking maneuvers and heavy contact aren't just bad racing, they're dangerous, too. Sure, rental karts aren't too fast and thick bumpers can absorb some impacts. However, go in too hot, particularly into the side of another kart, and things can get ugly real quick.  

Being too aggressive at the kart track isn't cool. Driving like a lunatic doesn't win races; it just makes everyone angry and can get a driver banned from a track in short order. You're supposed to enjoy yourself, not end up in a brawl in the pit lane. We'd expect the marshals at Ball's local facility to have had a strong word with Five after the incidents above. 

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