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Say Yes to These Sweet Car-Themed Scrap Metal Engagement Rings

If you want a ring that tells the world that you're a gearhead first and in a committed relationship second, these are for you.

The owners of a scrap car comparison site in the UK have come up with a smart campaign leading up to the holiday season: engagement rings made from scrap car metal in the theme of your favorite car. Certainly a new way to show your eternal love, these rings are a declaration of adoration for a car or a person, but it’s not clear which one ranks higher. For the sake of romance, let’s say it’s the latter.  

Scrap Car Comparison partnered with a local jeweler, Edward Fleming, to create one-off rings for your beloved. Each ring will be custom designed based on each customer’s favorite car and specific details. No model is off limits, and they’re only taking orders through November. The company expects high demand, and with a four to six week delivery time, this leaves enough of a buffer to get them all finished by December 25 (apparently, the most popular date on the calendar for a proposal is Christmas Day for gearheads and non-gearheads alike). 

Scrap Car Comparison

According to a spokesperson, metals and jewels for all of the rings will be ethically sourced and partly made from recycled materials. The specific sources of materials will depend on the car and design chosen by the customer; the metal is from UK-based suppliers and the gems from the likes of Moyo Gems (a women’s mining collective in Tanzania) Canadamark diamonds, and gemstones from Nineteen48.

Dan Gick, Managing Director of Scrap Car Comparison says they were inspired by the number of people they meet who are sad to say goodbye to their soon-to-be-scrapped cars and leave the junkyard wishing they could take a piece of it with them. (I wonder if you could watch your car being crushed on a particular TikTok channel and then have it made into a ring?)

Scrap Car Comparison

“As parts of modern scrapped cars are recycled and used in wedding and engagement rings already, it made perfect sense to us to take this interesting aspect of scrappage a step further and give customers the chance to create the most romantic memento of their favorite motor,” Gick says. “It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but cars are a very big part of some people’s lives, and even their relationships.” Preach. 

Examples on the company’s web site include one modeled on the Minilite alloy wheel design of a Mini Cooper, one inspired by the exhaust tips of a Lamborghini Huracán, and one for those who have a thing for Ford Fiesta headlights. 

These rings make a loud statement and are less permanent than tattoos on your fingers, for better or for worse.

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