Polish Artists Turn Scrap Metal Into Scale Model Cars

The coolest artwork you’ll see all day.

byMax Prince|
Polish Artists Turn Scrap Metal Into Scale Model Cars

Stroll into the Gallery of Steel Figures in Pruszków, Poland, and you’ll find plenty of wild-looking artifacts. The entire museum is devoted to displaying recycled art, sculptures hewn from salvaged metal at local scrapyards. Most are pop culture callbacks. There’s a pack of Despicable Me minions, The Incredible Hulk, Michael Jackson and Elvis, an impressive Transformers collection, and, of course, a T1 Terminator. All neat, but the Gallery of Steel Figures’ latest addition is by far the finest: A lineup of scale-model cars.


Each is incredible, and all five were on display at Poland’s largest classic motor show, Auto Nostalgia in Warsaw. The body panels are particularly hypnotizing, made up of interlocking discarded gears, bolts, springs, and nuts. The Mercedes-Benz 300 SL has functional Gullwing doors; the Bugatti Veyron’s engine bay is a gem; the Maserati GranTurismo interior even has cupholders in the right place. Unsurprisingly, the Lamborghini Aventador wears a harsh industrial look well. That Fiat 500? Less so, but still an amazing piece. The cars took a team of fifty artists some five years to complete. Well worth it. 

For more, check out the Gallery of Steel Figures website here, and the general awesomeness that is Auto Nostalgia's official Facebook page here.