New Rolls-Royce Boat Tail Is a Coachbuilt Cruiser With a High-Tech Picnic Basket in the Trunk

The champagne fridge has been tailored to fit bottles of Armand de Brignac, specifically.

byChris Tsui|
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Rolls-Royce, creator of the $13 million, one-off Sweptail, has unveiled its latest coachbuilt creation: the Boat Tail. It was commissioned by three very special RR clients and, as you can probably tell by the name and pictures, it's been made to look like a yacht because the rich are just that predictable. What, did you think it would mimic a Sea-Doo?

What's more, open up the nautically-styled wood panels at the rear of the Boat Tail and you'll find what Rolls calls a "hosting suite," or what regular folks would call a "kitchen cabinet." There's a double fridge for champagne, RR-branded champagne flutes, and a bunch of other wealthy-person-picnic paraphernalia I'm not fancy enough to know the names of. 


Keeping with the theme of "cartoonishly cliche rich person shit," the Boat Tail also comes with two dashboard timepieces—one for her, one for him—crafted by Bovet 1822 (Google it, you pleb) that can be taken out and worn as watches. Rolls-Royce says the clients are also really big into collecting pens because of course they are and have therefore placed a "particularly cherished" Montblanc pen inside a hand-crafted, aluminum and leather case inside this car's glove box.

(How hilarious would it be if Mitsubishi slapped a Timex logo on the in-car clock and threw a pack of BIC pens in the glove box of every Mirage or whatever as a "homage" to this?)

While Rolls-Royce hasn't really said much about what's underneath *widely gestures with hands* all this, it apparently has the same twin-turbo V12 as every other car Rolls makes. It's about two feet longer than the Dawn convertible at 228 inches, further solidifying that, yeah, this thing's a real vessel.

More notable than the Boat Tail itself perhaps, Rolls-Royce is also announcing that its Coachbuild program will become a permanent offering for the company going forward, meaning more bespoke and unnecessary creations like this one are very likely in the pipeline. The first tech bro to commission a Dogecoin-themed Rolls-Royce or anyone with enough gall to ask for a Sea-Doo-branded version of the Boat Tail complete with a chilled two-four of PBR in the back receives all of my admiration and respect.


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