Tell Us What Gear You Want to See The Drive Review

Gadgets, gizmos, tires, and stuff for the great outdoors are on the list, but what do you think we should test?

As you’ve might’ve seen in the past few days, the editors running The Drive’s Guides & Gear section have been posting a few product reviews. We published one for Vredestein’s mountain-goat-like Wintrac Pro winter tires, Aukey’s compact dashcam, and a set of Danner Mountain 600 hiking boots you’ll have to pry from the author’s cold, dead hands. What we’re saying is, we’re starting to review gear in a big way. And we want to know what you want us to test.

Over the next few months, we’re going to be testing a bunch of products that span a spectrum of automotive tools and accessories, parts, maintenance supplies, gadgets and gizmos like radar detectors and more dashcams, motorcycle gear, car seats, new and exciting micro-mobility solutions like e-bikes, and maybe some outdoor gear and EDC, if you’re all into it. It’s all very exciting, and we’re extremely eager to share our reviews with all of you soon!

Tony Markovich

We do have one request, though. It’s not a big task, but it is important. You come to The Drive on the daily to read our car reviews, breaking news, and our long-form features. You’ve been with us through thick and thin, and we want your opinion on what you want to see us review. Which products do you think we should check out? What products should we absolutely not touch? We’ll help you figure out what to buy, and our team will always make sure you know if we get a commission from anything we might link to.

What we really want to know is how far can we push the boundaries of what The Drive’s core coverage is before you say, “Yo folks, it was all right when you reviewed a new car air freshener that smelled like lavender and Lewis Hamilton, but the loofah was a bit too far. No one needed to see your soapy back.”

So sound off in the comments below and speak your piece, this is an open discussion and we want to make sure we’re giving you exactly what you want to see and read. And get hyped about these reviews, because we definitely are!

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