Articulated Bus Dives Headfirst Off NYC Overpass in Nightmare Crash

None of the eight injuries were considered serious, thankfully.

Articulated buses are like a normal bus but longer, with a flexible joint in the middle to help them navigate tight city streets. To be clear, they’re supposed to bend left and right, not up and down, though that’s how it worked Thursday night in New York City. Photos of the incident look like something out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but don’t be fooled—they’re definitely real. 

A model Bx35 accordion bus was trying to turn left off University Avenue onto a ramp leading to the George Washington Bridge when the driver, 55, somehow lost control of the vehicle. Instead of turning, the bus carried on straight and went through a guard rail onto the Cross Bronx Expressway below. Only the first half of the bus made it, however. The second half remained on the overpass above. 

AP Images

Eight people were injured in the accident, although it’s said that none of the injuries are serious, thankfully. The most severely hurt was the driver, who is said to have been hospitalized with damage to his jaw. Seeing how far the front half of the bus fell, it’s truly amazing that nobody was put in intensive care.

Transportation authorities and firefighters later recovered the vehicle by winching the half still on the overpass backward and lifting the front half with a crane. Fuel and other fluid from the vehicle also had to be cleaned up. It’s unclear what triggered this accident, with the MTA saying that “when an incident like this occurs we take it very seriously. We are conducting a full investigation and will implement lessons learned in order to prevent it from happening again.”

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