Florida Man Beats Bird Scooters at Their Own Game with a Leaf Blower and a Mop Bucket

I’m not interested in any last-mile urban mobility solutions or whatever unless they come with the chill vibes of an umbrella-toting Floridian.

byStef Schrader|
Florida Man Beats Bird Scooters at Their Own Game with a Leaf Blower and a Mop Bucket


For years, cities and entrepreneurs alike have been trying to solve that last-mile issue of how to travel short distances without getting back into a car. You could use your feet and plan appropriately for the extra walk time, but no. Sometimes you just need to get somewhere a little faster than that.  

Finally, one man solved this issue with everyday objects he won't leave strewn about the sidewalk after he gets to his destination. He's the only man I'd trust to solve this conundrum, too: Florida Man

Brian Edward Kahrs of Clearwater, Fla., tossed the water out of a rolling mop bucket, whipped out a leaf blower and went for a wild ride using an umbrella as a sail. He calls it the "blue collar limousine," per ABC News, and it rules.

Kahrs, who is an actor, definitely ditched the bucket's swiveling caster wheels from the mop bucket for a skateboard so he could roll around faster. Still, he uses a bunch pretty normal objects to get around Clearwater Beach that you wouldn't have to rent from Big Dumb Tech. People can hear him coming because the leaf blower is loud, so he doesn't run into anybody. It makes people do a double-take and laugh. There is no anger here. Chill vibes only. 

It even looks surprisingly easy to maneuver and easy to show off with, be it lying completely flat in the bucket or riding said bucket on your stomach. Get creative! No one's going to get too mad at a dude land-sailing a mop bucket. Clearly, this is the best new means of transportation in years. 

Facebook | Brian Edward Kahrs

The only issue, as a kid demonstrates here, is that other people will want to try this out because it looks fun. You'll have to watch the cleaning supplies you borrowed from home or work are closely guarded when you set them down. 

Roll on, Florida Man. We salute your ingenuity. 

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