Infiniti Confirms Production of Electric Crossover, Teases Sleek 'Q Inspiration' Design

Infiniti says it will make luxurious, "lounge-like" interiors a focal point of its future vehicles.

via Infiniti

Infiniti will join the ranks of other automakers exploring electrified crossovers when it premieres an all-new EV platform at January's North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, the company announced Friday.

Infiniti plans to debut its newest offering to the emerging electric car market as a confirmation that it will do what's necessary to stay relevant in today's electrifying industry. The automaker says that it will bring a "future fully electric Infiniti crossover" to NAIAS in order to show off its dedication to electric cars 

via Infiniti

The crossover is said to feature Infiniti's newest design language, meaning that we should see some likeness to the design trends shown off by the Q Inspiration. A teaser released by Infiniti (above) confirms quite a few trends shared between the two automobiles, such as luxury-inspired body panels uninterrupted by door handles, sweeping body lines, and a good bit of attention to detail. A familiar illuminated front emblem and accentuated front bumper lines can be seen on the crossover's teaser just as it was on the Q Inspiration concept. Its small-profile side mirrors suggest that we may perhaps one day soon see the inclusion of camera-based side mirrors should regulations permit.

Infiniti also confirmed that it plans to make the vehicle's luxurious interior a keystone of its future vehicle's selling points by designing cars to have extremely spacious, "lounge-like" cockpits. The Q Inspiration also showcases this similar approach by using a minimalistic design approach inside of its coaches and stuffing it full of display-based controls and entertainment. Like other manufacturers, Infiniti plans to take full advantage of the compact nature of electric motors in order to squeeze every little bit of extra room into its vehicle's footprint.

“Thirty years ago, as a 24-year old designer in the audience, I saw the birth of INFINITI in person and am proud to be part of the journey of creating iconic luxury automobiles,” said Nissan's Senior Vice President of Global Design, Alfonso Albaisa. “Now, 30 years later, Q Inspiration shows how new proportions triggered by the new electrified power of INFINITI has inspired a new direction, a new visual language. Alongside our Prototype 10 Pebble Beach Concept, both designs embody a deep simplicity inspired by the technology within and a new artistry inspired by our unique culture and of course our roots in Japan.”

Choosing the NAIAS to debut its newest offering to the emerging electric car market was no accident. Infiniti's first car, the Q45, debuted at the very same show as the brand's flagship vehicle in 1989. Showcasing the company's future on a landmark anniversary is Infiniti's subtle hat tip to the changing automotive market.

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