Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept Revealed in Detroit

The new concept car shows off next-level autonomous tech, a variable compression engine and a minimalist interior.

byDave Bartosiak|
Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept Revealed in Detroit


Nissan Motors has been busy this week with the company unveiling a couple of concept cars at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. There was the Nissan-branded Xmotion concept SUV with its interior wooden bridge. And also, we’ve got the Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept. The Q Inspiration Concept helps to preview what the next generation of Infiniti vehicles may look like.

The concept features clear and concise lines with what Infiniti is calling “dynamic and confident proportions.” The sweeping lines help to give Q-sedans a very coupe-like appearance. The interior cabin follows a minimalist approach with comfort and serenity coming to mind.

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As cool as the car looks on the outside is as cool as the technology is inside this new concept. The car includes Infiniti’s new variable compression turbo engine. That’s right, not variable cam timing for valves but rather an engine which changes the compression ratio of the cylinders to achieve maximum torque or fuel efficiency depending on what the driving situation demands at the time.

Also included is Infiniti’s next-level autonomous drive technology. Its ProPILOT functionality helps take the stress out of more mundane and stressful driving. The system acts as a sort of co-pilot for the driver, helping them while in bumper to bumper traffic or while cruising at highway speeds.

Speaking about the new Q Inspiration Concept Karim Habib, Infiniti executive design director said, "The Q Inspiration interior is reduced to a minimalist expression of wellbeing and comfort, and strives to create a warm and uncompromisingly modern atmosphere, like one so often finds in Tokyo residential architecture. The purpose being to enable users in a new era of connectivity, while simultaneously enriching the driving experience with materials of the best quality, crafted by the hands of the artist."

The car looks great from every angle and the pristine interior is to die for. Hopefully, a good chunk of these design cues will make their way over to the next generation of Infiniti cars.