Cadillac Driver Plunges Through Bike Bridge on Mountainside Pedestrian Trail

If you can’t drive your car across a bridge without folding the mirrors, chances are you shouldn’t be driving there.

byJames Gilboy|
Cadillac Driver Plunges Through Bike Bridge on Mountainside Pedestrian Trail

The driver of a Cadillac DTS plunged through a pedestrian bridge on a Mount Brome trail in Quebec, Canada, leaving them stuck headfirst for hours before local authorities came to rescue them

A bicyclist going back down the mountain came across the stricken Cadillac and its driver and recorded the aftermath while suppressing laughter.

Per a video of the aftermath posted to Facebook, the bicyclist tells the driver that they're not supposed to be up there before jokingly asking if they know what the problem is. The driver admits that they weren't certain the bridge would hold up to their car but ventured across anyway. After getting stuck, they tried to free their Cadillac for two hours before the bicyclist stumbled on them.

Local police and mountain authorities reportedly responded to remove the stranded Cadillac, using a backhoe to extract them. Though the driver dodged criminal charges, they were reportedly fined for their trip up the trail where vehicles aren't allowed.

"We managed to assist him and get him out with a mechanical shovel," said Claude Peloquin, an authority on the mountain property. "The individual had no business there, it wasn't a road. This is a place that is not intended for motor driving. Definitely, there was damage to the installation, but I can't tell you what kind of damage. We'll do the full analysis on Monday."

This incident's only challenger for silliest accident of the weekend is one involving a Texas woman who crashed her black Ford Mustang into a Houston bar called the Darkhorse Tavern. It's a less comical folly than that of the Cadillac (the Mustang's driver was hospitalized and is being investigated for possible DUI) but the irony of crashing your dark pony car into a dark horse is undeniable.