Gallery: Bonkers Apollo IE Hypercar Completes More Track Testing in Germany

Apollo Automobil takes to the Lausitzring Circuit for aerodynamic testing of the upcoming Intensa Emozione.

byChris Constantine| PUBLISHED Oct 7, 2018 7:50 PM
Gallery: Bonkers Apollo IE Hypercar Completes More Track Testing in Germany

Back in June, newly reformed hypercar manufacturer Apollo Automobil handed over a piece of development for its Intensa Emozione hypercar to HWA AG, the masterminds behind the legendary Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR. Since then, we've heard little of what the German exotic car builder has been up to or when the "Intense Emotion" will actually be released—until now. Apollo recently posted a development update for the IE and it looks like there's now an even more insane version of its 780 horsepower monster in the cards.

Apollo dragged a pair of prototype Intensa Emoziones to the EuroSpeedway Lausitz in Brandenburg, Germany, for a two-day endurance test to analyze their thermal and aerodynamic capabilities. You might recognize the purple and gold IE, but a second white car was also present for the test, configured for the track. 

This isn't some beefed-up, track-only variant of the IE mind you, as Ryan Berris, general manager and CMO of Apollo Automobil clarified in an email to The Drive. "The IE was always intended to be a true dual purpose hyper-car, for both road and heavy track use," he explained. 

If you're lucky enough to own one of the 10 IEs Apollo is producing, your new ride will come with two sets of wheels, tires, and brakes—one of each for road use and hardcore track driving. An onboard air-jack system also complement's the car's electronically adjustable dampers, providing additional suspension tuning for optimal ride height on the track.

“We are very pleased with the progress at this recent test as another round of dynamic development in collaboration with our technical partner, HWA AG is completed," said Apollo Chairman Norman Choi. "This program is operating at the highest level and we are thoroughly testing the cars in both road and track use cases prior to beginning production. It is a pleasure for us to share a peak behind the scenes to the public and our many fans so they can get a better sense of the magnitude of the program and the process.” 

This is one of the final major tests for the IE, and production will start sometime next year. In the meantime, enjoy a gallery of the upcoming Apollo and its track-ready twin blasting around one of Europe's only modern, high-speed oval race tracks.