2024 Nissan Z Nismo Marked Up to $158,495—or Best Offer

Nissan dealers are at it again.

byChris Rosales|
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There’s no softening this blow: There's a 2024 Nissan Z Nismo out there that's been marked up to $158,495. It hasn’t even been a month since we first drove the Z Nismo, and despite noting that it was already overpriced at its base MSRP of $66,085, a Nissan dealer in Los Angeles decided it could get more. But don't worry too much—the dealer says it’s "willing to take any offers."

El Monte Nissan has the car listed on its website sans price, but the markup came to our attention through a post on The New Nissan Z Facebook group. After contacting the dealership directly, a sales representative for El Monte Nissan confirmed the astronomical price, which includes an $89,995 markup. According to photos posted by Ali Hassan in the Facebook group, the dealer has a sheet plainly stating the markup, as well as some language about the Z Nismo being "low production" and "high demand" to justify the inflated (read: ludicrous) price. Also, "Nismo" is misspelled "Nizmo" on the sheet.

According to the window sticker, what we're looking at here is a fairly standard Z Nismo painted in optional $1,295 Stealth Gray/Super Black two-tone. It's been optioned with the $410 floor mat package, $500 illuminated kick plate in black metallic, and $210 interior scuff protection package. The suggested MSRP of this particular Nismo is $68,500, a very far cry from the $158,495 asking price.

Reading between the lines, the dealer knows that it won’t get what it's asking. Both the pricing sheet and direct communications leave the door very open to offers. Establishing a price tag more than two times MSRP and then immediately following it with being "willing to take any offers" doesn’t spell confidence. This is a shot in the dark, a hope that some sucker somewhere will pay way too much for the coupe. And frankly, I thought we were over this markup mania

Artificially inflating the price of a brand-new car is certainly one way to probe the market around it. While this dealership is certainly demanding too much and almost certainly not expecting to get it, don’t pay anything more than MSRP for any car. Certainly not this Z Nismo.

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